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The Heck of the North 17/04/2024 16:00
The Heck of the North
please remove our events from your marketing. Thank you
Mark Harding 17/04/2024 16:00
Mark Harding
Hello and welcome to our 2024 Marketing Dashboard. Please contact me if you need any help.
Cycle Oregon 16/04/2024 17:40
Cycle Oregon
Hi Mark - steve set our account/event page up and passed it along to me to complete the listing
Mark Harding 16/04/2024 17:40
Mark Harding
Hello and welcome to our 2024 Marketing Dashboard. Please contact me if you need any help.
Rescue 1 Century 28/03/2024 00:06
Rescue 1 Century
Hello Mark, thank you for updating our event. I still have two concerns. I've submitted the correct changes but I wasn't able to delete the branding icon. I need the veloatlanta jersey removed and I would like to know how you received the information.
Endurance Aventure 16/02/2024 18:29
Endurance Aventure
I answered my own question! I was looking at the wrong spot on your website. Sorry about that!
Endurance Aventure 16/02/2024 18:26
Endurance Aventure
Hi Mark! I am new to the team at Endurance Aventure. I have noticed many emails from Gran Fondo, and I have also submitted updates for our event. Our event is the GBC500 in Magog, Quebec, Canada. However, when I look at your site, our event does not appear! So I am wondering if I am simply bothering your website, or if we are appearing somewhere that I am not looking at!
Mark Harding 20/01/2024 12:02
Mark Harding
Your event has been marked as postponed. Let us now when you have a new date
GCOR 08/01/2024 02:38
I updated my event, but when I clicked the Update Event link it was reset to the old information.
Makadas Adventures 04/12/2023 14:00
Makadas Adventures
Hi how do I delete an event?
Martinborough Charity Fun Ride 03/12/2023 19:33
Martinborough Charity Fun Ride
Greetings, could you please remove any reference regarding future dates of the Martinborough Fun Ride, this is no longer a financially viable fundraiser due to the increased costs of traffic managment plans in NZ so the Rotary Club of South Wairarapa has decided NOT to run this event any longer.
Oregon Bicycle Ride 12/10/2023 16:41
Oregon Bicycle Ride
This listing is years out of date, and we're not a fondo. Please delete and remove us from your email list.
Gravelremote 30/08/2023 15:18
gravelremote is not intended to be listed on gran fondo
Log Drivers Waltz 05/07/2023 01:13
Log Drivers Waltz
The Log Driver's Waltz is a bike packing route. It is not a Grand Fondo. Please delete the Log Driver's Waltz from Grandfondoguide.com. Thank you.
Wolf Man 03/07/2023 17:53
Wolf Man
next time - pleas delete my contact mails
Seacoast Century Weekend 01/06/2023 00:07
Seacoast Century Weekend
Please DELETE the event from Gran Fondo. Thank-you.
Mark Harding 01/06/2023 00:07
Mark Harding
Hello and welcome to our 2023 Marketing Dashboard. Please contact me if you need any help.